The Department of Public Works is currently facilitating the following construction work and services throughout the city. Please scroll down to the map below for further details. 

Water Distribution - Hydrant Flushing
The Division of Water Distribution will commence flushing fire hydrants within the City, starting Monday, April 18, 2021. Periodic flushing of water mains is required to ensure high quality of water. Crews will move through zones in consecutive order, starting with Zone 1. It takes approximately one week to complete each zone. 

Residents and business owners should use caution during this flushing period, as turbulence may occur in the water main and travel into customer water pipes
. If this happens, flush the cold water line until the water runs clear. (Turbulence is cloudy water, sometimes brownish red in color that may stain or discolor clothing and food products.)

All questions about hydrant flushing and water quality may be directed to Big Island Water Works at 419.627.5805.

 2022 Local Street Resurfacing Project
The City of Sandusky has contracted with Precision Paving of Milan, Ohio for the 2022 Local Street Resurfacing project. This project consists of placing new asphalt on over 78 segments of streets within the City, totaling over 7.3 miles of new asphalt. 

For the week of May 17th, the contractor plans to place the asphalt roadway down in the following locations;

Harbour Parkway from Cleveland Road to Heron Creek Drive
East Oldgate from S Oldgate Rd to Heritage Dr

For the week of May 23rd, the contractor will be working on the new asphalt overlay in the following locations;

East Farwell Street from Cleveland Road to First Street
Fourth Street from Fisher Avenue to East Farwell Street

No parking signs have been posted in these areas for the entire week, if work is not observed in these areas during the day, cars may park on the roads. We do ask that residents be mindful that if you see workers out there, to move your vehicles immediately. 

2022 Sewer Interceptor Cleaning
They City has contract with C & K Industrial services to clean the sewer interceptors west of the Wastewater Treatment Plant to Monroe Street and eastward towards Farwell Street. A start date has not been set, but is expected to begin by mid-May. The public may experience some traffic delays while they are accessing sewers, but will see no disruptions to their services. 

2022 Sewer Lining Project
The City has contracted with United Survey to preform sewer slip lining of 7,578 linear feet of various sizes of sewer lines on portions of West Monroe Street, 44th Street, 48th Street, Judy Lane, Ashburn Drive, Dixon Drive, Hancock Street, Franklin Street, Caldwell Street Shelby Street and Jackson Street Extension. Work is expected to begin the week of May 2nd with some sewer cleaning work and camera work along West Monroe Street. Property owners along the working limits will receive notice from the contractor prior to their start and should not experience any disruptions with their services.