The Civil Service Commission was established to assist with the hiring and termination processes for city employees. Members are appointed for six-year terms in compliance with the laws of the State of Ohio and to adopt the City of Sandusky's Civil Service Rules & Regulations consistent with these laws.  Current members are listed below:

John May
Jim McGookey
Vincent Rhodes
Erica Taylor - Civil Service Clerk

Meetings are scheduled as necessary. 

Click here to view Civil Service Rules & Regulations.

At their January,  2019 meeting, members of the CSC approved amendments to the  Rules & Regulations. 
Click here to view the amendments.


04/21/22   Agenda       Video
03/17/22   Agenda     Minutes   Video
01/27/22   Agenda     Minutes   Video

10/20/21   Agenda     Minutes  
07/01/21   Agenda     Minutes  
06/22/21   Agenda     Minutes  
05/11/21   Agenda     Minutes  
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03/25/21   Agenda     Minutes  
02/02/21   Agenda     Minutes   Video

06/24/20   Agenda      

07/25/19 City Hall, 240 Columbus Avenue, 2nd floor @10 a.m.   Agenda      
06/13/19   Agenda      
05/01/19 City Hall @ 3:45 p.m.   Agenda      
03/18/19 City Hall @3:45 p.m.   Agenda      
01/14/19   Agenda      

11/08/18   Agenda      
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